Rice & Beans Cocina Latina is an Orlando Cuban restaurant, family owned and operated by Laz Gonzalez, native of Cuba, and his Dominican-born wife Kenia Gonzalez.

In the year 2004, following Laz's vision and entrepreneur spirit, they decided to move to Orlando from their longtime home in Ridgefield, New Jersey. In 2006, they invested all of their savings in their first business, a coffee shop in Altamonte Springs, FL, but what they really wanted to do was run a successful business where they could offer their culture, something they felt was lacking here in the heart of Orlando, “Real food, Simply Good” as the slogan says. That's how Rice & Beans Cocina Latina was born.

Encouraged by friends, family and members of their church Metro, they decided to make their dream a reality. In 2008 they opened their first location in Waterford Lakes, with the help of family and a few employees. The dishes are authentic Cuban-Dominican recipes passed down from friends, mothers and grandmothers. Opening day, they were overwhelmed by the response of their customers…they had a full house! Word-of-mouth has brought Rice & Beans Cocina Latina to where it is today.

"Rice & Beans Cocina Latina is the inspiration of two hard working people who have passion for what they do, element that has helped us to succeed, Kenia says. We are cooking exactly what you would find in our home countries. We wanted to bring back the way our grandmothers used to cook, everything fresh. It’s all cooked right here." She added.

Within their first year of operation, they earned the reputation for being one of the top three “Best Latin Food” in Central Florida, by My City Eats Magazine, and have been reviewed by two of the most reputable food critics in Orlando, Heather Mcpherson of the Orlando Sentinel and Scott Joseph of Orlando Home & Leisure Magazine. Last but not least they have been graciously reviewed by their customers in Yelp and urbanspoon.

In the year 2009, they were offered to be part of a plaza where the Hispanic population dominates the area; that gave them the opportunity to open their second location in 2010 in the Hunters Creek area in "The Loop".

Since the beginning, their goal was to provide their customers the best customer service, great atmosphere, clean restaurant, affordable prices and the most important thing, delicious food.

While Laz still works his full time job at the airlines and helps with the shopping and accounting for the restaurants, Kenia runs the day-by-day operation of both restaurants, making sure that the concept is delivered exactly as they dreamed it.

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